Custom Requests

While custom cookies are my favorite types of cookies to create, they are very time consuming and therefore the custom cookie calendar books out very quickly. Please keep that in mind when you are planning for your events.  I typically book out 1-2 months in advance. Sometimes, it is longer.  

And now, the big question, how much do these little works of art cost?  This is the big question everyone wants to know!

Custom cookie platters start at $4.50 per cookie.   The minimum request for a platter of cookies is two dozen. There is an additional charge of $5 per 18 inch plastic platter.  A typical platter includes a variety of cookies, in different sizes, shapes and levels of complexity.  Many platters include hand painted cookies or airbrushed cookie art.  Each platter is made to order for a specific request and color scheme. * Please note: each cookie request requires a 50% deposit to hold the date on the calendar.  A cookie order is not considered confirmed until the online invoice for deposit has been received.*  Below are just a few of the many custom requests I have made recently.

Please contact me for a price quote for your custom request.  I will bot be taking custom orders in December due to the holiday baking schedule.   Once a date is full, I am unable to accommodate additional cookie requests.  (This is especially important during holidays.)* 

Thank you!

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